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Back in early April, 2006, I put out a post on my main blog, asking if anyone wanted to join a Postcard Exchange ... this is still open. If you would like to join this exchange, just email me with your snail-mail address, and I will send you mine by return email, and there we go !!! Complete discretion is guaranteed ... your postal addresses will remain private and confidential, as (I hope) mine will to you. This blog is to display all the wonderful postcards I have received.

Thursday, April 27, 2006

It was exciting checking my mail yesterday ... there were 5 postcards from my dear blogging friends.

The first one is from Feathers, and shows a beautiful night shot of Chicago's Navy Pier. The Navy Pier features a variety of shopping promenades, restaurants, theaters, gardens and amusements. She said she tried to affix herself to the postcard, but it didn't work !!! That is so sweet, Feathers :)

The next one is from Nikki (Connie's niece), and is from Texas. It shows a variety of things ... The Alamo in San Antonio, a cowboy, the state Capitol in Austin, Bluebonnets - the State Flower, and a Longhorn Steer. It is a wonderful card.

The next is another one from Dick & Huggy, and it shows all the beautiful tulips at Tulip Town. My goodness, they are so beautiful. Dick says that this is where he had been that day, with his son Mike and his family. He also says his valley produces more tulip bulbs than any place in the USA. The blooms are just a by-product, and the bulbs are the item that is mainly sold.

Here is one from Connie, from St Louis. It has a lovely cut-out heart (gosh, the postal system is rough on postcards ... unfortunately this one arrived a bit torn ... but beautiful none-the-less), and an amazing night time view ... what a gorgeous city. It shows the 630-foot Gateway Arch, which serves as a centerpiece of St. Louis, and is considered the birthplace of the westward pioneer movement.

Last but not least, one from Friday's Child, all the way from the Philippines. The views on the card look just amazing. It is of the Banaue Rice Terraces overlooking Batad Village, and is considered the eighth wonder of the world.

Thank you, dear friends ... this is really interesting, receiving so many beautiful cards. Thank you for taking the time to pick out such lovely ones.


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