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Back in early April, 2006, I put out a post on my main blog, asking if anyone wanted to join a Postcard Exchange ... this is still open. If you would like to join this exchange, just email me with your snail-mail address, and I will send you mine by return email, and there we go !!! Complete discretion is guaranteed ... your postal addresses will remain private and confidential, as (I hope) mine will to you. This blog is to display all the wonderful postcards I have received.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I received another postcard today.

This one is from Tink, all the way from The Netherlands. The postcard shows various pictures from Ymuiden, which is a little city on the west coast of The Netherlands. Ships bound for Amsterdam pass through the locks and harbours of this city. Ymuiden started flourishing when the North Sea Canal was ready in 1879, but it also has Roman origins. Thank you, Tink, for the wonderful postcard. It looks like a glorious place to live.


At 11:03 PM, Blogger Merle said...

Hi Meow ~~ Thanks for your comments.
You have discovered where a lot of my jokes come from "The Herald Sun".
Glad you enjoy the blog.
Take care, Merle.

At 7:51 AM, Blogger Meow said...

Merle ... you are welcome. The Herald Sun has some great stuff, sometimes.
Have a great day, take care, Meow

At 4:50 PM, Blogger Dick said...

I only found those from May but no link to April in the Archives. Is something missing?

At 9:51 PM, Blogger Meow said...

Dick ... ooops, somehow the archives were turned off. Sorry, all fixed now.
Thank you, Meow

At 2:38 AM, Blogger Cinthia said...

I have yet to send you mine! Aaaargh, I'm such a procrastinator!

At 5:08 AM, Blogger Jean-Luc Picard said...

Love the variety of cards you get!

At 9:18 AM, Blogger Meow said...

Cinthia ... don't stress, it's cool.

Jean-Luc ... there is a lovely variety, isn't there. I'm so lucky.

Thank you, friends. have a great day, take care, Meow

At 12:28 PM, Blogger Madi said...

A journal of the diversity of the world. I hope this will help people to stop making others think or be like them. Lovely.

At 4:30 PM, Blogger Meow said...

Madi ... everyone and everywhere is so different, it is lovely. The world would be an incredibly boring place if everyone looked and was the same.
Take care, Meow


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