Meow's Postcard Exchange

Back in early April, 2006, I put out a post on my main blog, asking if anyone wanted to join a Postcard Exchange ... this is still open. If you would like to join this exchange, just email me with your snail-mail address, and I will send you mine by return email, and there we go !!! Complete discretion is guaranteed ... your postal addresses will remain private and confidential, as (I hope) mine will to you. This blog is to display all the wonderful postcards I have received.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

This postcard arrived today ... and I was so excited. It is from my parents, and so not really part of this postcard exchange, but it IS a postcard, so I thought I would include it. My parents are currently travelling around Germany, and this was from Koblenz, near the beginning of their holiday (they left Australia on the 27th June, and will return around the middle of August). This picture shows what is known as The German Corner, where the River Mosel joins the River Rhine.

This postcard arrived today ... June 17th 2007. Thank you, Jean-Luc (Capt. Picard) for continuing to think of me and my Postcard Exchange. Jean-Luc has just returned to England, after doing a bit of travelling. This postcard is from Cobh, Co. Cork ... Situated in Cork harbour and only 24 kms from the city of Cork. The magnificent St. Colman's Cathedral which dominates the scene is the glory of the Diocese of Cloyne and is constructed in the French Gothic style. It has an impressive exteror of blue Dalkey granite. The cathedral has a carillon of forty seven bells, one of the largest in these islands.

Both of these postcards arrived just a couple of weeks ago, from Lora, in Las Vegas. They are great photos, showing how "unreal" this city looks. LasVegas is a 24 hour town, the entertainment capitol of the world. With over 35 million visitors a year, Las Vegas is America's favorite tourist destination, an is home to the world's largest hotels. I really love the backdrop of mountains in the horizontal picture ... they look amazing. Both these postcards are huge, at least twice (if not more) the size of regular postcards. Thanks, Lora, I love them.

I received this postcard from Chloe, whilst on a trip to London. It shows the River Thames at Twickenham from Radnor Gardens. From what I've seen of London, it must be an amazing place. Thank you, Chloe, for thinking of me.

This postcard arrived early May 2007, from Lazy Iguana. It's from Miami, Florida, and it shows a beautiful aerial view of Bayside, with the American Airlines Arena, home of the Miami Heat and popular event venue, in the foreground. Thank you, it looks fabulous.

This was the first card I received from Karen ... it shows Timpanogos, Utah. Mount Timpanogos Wilderness lies between American Fork and Provo Canyon. A key feature of this wilderness area is Mount Timpanogos. With a summit elevation of 11,750 feet, the mountain is the second highest peak in the Wasatoh Mountain Range. A network of hiking trails on the mountain's eastern side offers scenic views of alpine meadows, lakes, and waterfalls. Thanks, Karen, for all your lovely cards.

This postcard came from Devil Mood, from Portugal. It is of Fuseta, in the South of Portugal ... a small fishing village. She says the beaches are breath-taking, and you can almost be there alone, with no loud neighbours. It looks magical ... thanks for sharing your experience.

An interesting postcard from Jean-luc (Capt. Picard). It is of The Old School House, in Cockington, Devon, England. The blurb reads ... Horse drawn carriages wait for customers in this picturesque village just outside Torquay. Thank you for all your cards, they are great.

This postcard came from a fellow Aussie ... Kristy. It shows a lovely view of Brisbane, in Queensland, Australia.

I got this postcard from Dick, in August 2006. He describes the town as a fun place to visit, but it is a tourist trap. The blurb on the card reads ... Leavenworth, Washington, is located at the base of the beautiful Cascade Mountains on Highway 2, just 118 miles east of Seattle. Leavenworth's many festivals and special events throughout the year include Ice Fest, Maifest, Bird Fest, Wine Festival, Sausage Fest, Salmon Festival, Autumn Leaf Festival, Oktoberfest, Christmas Lighing, and many more. Goodness, it sounds like it's a festival all year around, in Leavenworth !! Thanks for the card, Dick.

This one came from dear Connie ... it needs no description, other than it depicts a beautiful Disney movie. Thank you , Connie.

This wonderful postcard came from Susan, and is of the Fraser Valley, Maple Ridge, in British Columbia, Canada. The blurb printed on the card states ... With it's rural landscape and spectacular setting beneath the "Golden Ears", Maple Ridge provides the best of all living conditions for it's residents. It looks like a wonderful place.

This postcard came from Rev. Shawn, from his travels to Northern Vancouver Island. It shows a starfish, resting on the rocks ... simply beautiful.

Karen sent me a few photos she took, as postcards ... they are wonderful. On the back of this one she wrote ... Ben Lomond Peak, near Ogden, Utah, is probably the most famous of the northern Wasatch peaks. It stands north of Ogden in prominent fashion and is very popular with the community. A couple of well-maintained, but long trails lead to its summit. The peak supposedly was what Paramount Pictures' logo was designed from - incidentally, it's parent Viacom, once owned several broadcast stations in Utah, including Utah's CBS affiliate KUTV, before CBS Corporation was spun off with the broadcast elements (among other properties) in 2006. This photo was taken in January 2006.

Another photo postcard from Karen, this one taken in August 2006. It is of Tony Grove Lake, which has an elevation of 8100 feet. There are 36 campsites near Tony Grove Lake. There is also a nature trail, with signs describing the natural features of the area. It is a glacial lake.

A photo postcard from Karen ... Bear Lake has clear turquoise waters and secluded sandy beaches, pristine Bear Lake lies nestled high in the scenic mountains of northern Utah and southern Idaho. The lake is a vestige of prehistoric Lake Bonneville, which covered most of the West, and was formed over 28 thousand years ago by seismic activity; the exceptionally clean, bright aqua-blue hue is created by natural limestone calcium carbonates. The lake covers over 112 square miles of natural beauty and diverse recreational opportunities.

This is another view of Ben Lomond Park, near Ogden, Utah ... taken by Karen.

Gosh, what a beautiful card, from an amazing place. This card is from Chloe, who was visiting the Island of Kythira. She says that there are so many things to see and do. They explored a cave and saw waterfalls and a castle. There are many pretty villages to look at, also. Thank you, Chloe, for thinking of me when you were on holidays.

This postcard came from Marie, an Aussie living in Sweden. It is of Kristianopel, a town founded in the 1600s by the Danish king Kristian IV. It used to be the border between Denmark and Sweden and was the scene of many battles. Today it is a lovely, sleepy, quite coastal town, thought the old defensive wall still surrounds the township. Sweden looks like an amazing place.

This card, from wonderful Berlin, in Germany, came to me from Ulla, whilst she was spending a few days in Berlin. It shows a variety of scenes around the city (anti-clockwise) ... Gendarmenmarkt, Dom, Weltkugelbrunnen, Brandenburger Tor, Charlottenburger Schloss, Reichstag, Nikolaiviertel ... just beautiful. Thank you, Ulla.

What an intersting card ... it has a boot cutout !! This one came from Stinkypaw, and is of Mt. Washington, New Hampshire. It shows a view of the Lake of Clouds and the Appalachian Trail. Looks like amazing countryside. Appparently the summit of Mt. Washington is 6288 feet !! Wonderful ... thank you.

This one came from Rev. Shawn, whilst he was travelling around Canada last year. It shows a Killer Whale at Vancouver Island. B.C. in a moment of playful relaxation. These social marine mammals are seen in most parts of coastal B.C. What amazing creatures they are. Thank you for all your cards whilst on your trip ... they were all wonderful.

This gorgeous postcard arrived from Debbie, and is from Niagara Falls. She wrote ... This postcard does not begin to do justice to Niagara Falls. This is the American Falls. The big green tower is for viewing the falls on both the Canadian and American sides. The boat is a ride called Maid in the Mist, and it takes you for a close up view of both falls. The sandy looking areas is an overlook to the falls and the small fall on the left of it is called the Bridal Veil. There is a tour you can take that walks down near enough to the veil to get very, very wet !! Thank you Debbie ... I know that Niagara Falls is one of those must-see places.

This card came from Cinthia, and is from Washington DC. The pictures (starting top left, going down, row by row) are ... Iwo Jima Statue, Jefferson Memorial, Smithsonian Castle, Washington Monument, Supreme Court, Capitol Building, Pandas, Veitnam Wall, White House, Vietnam War Memorial. You know, when I think of the history in countries like the US, and others, it makes me realise how "young" Australia really is. Thanks, Cinthia, for the card.

A blog friend of mine, Marie, an Aussie living in Sweden, spends part of each Summer sailing around Sweden and surrounds. This card came from Kalmar, which at one time was the biggest city in Sweden, and the centre of power, politics, and elegance. In the late 17th century the power base moved further north to Stockholm, but Kalmar still shows many traces of it's noble history. On this postcard there are pictures of the old water tower, the magnificent 800 year old renaissance-style castle, with it's fabulous views toward the sea, and the cathedral, a solid baroque style structure in the middle of town.

Monday, July 16, 2007

This postcard is from Marie. It is of Oland, an island just off the south east coast of Sweden in the Baltic Sea. It is a beautiful place, and a firm favourite with Swedes, who flock there to enjoy the sunshine (it is the sunniest place in Sweden), the long sandy beaches, the quiet little bays and the unusual and pretty landscape.

Marie was very kind, sending me many postcards during her travels in 2006. This one is from Monsteras, a small coastal hamlet in the province of Smaland. It is very picturesque, with the central part of the town built around a magnificent medieval church and made up of a maze of tiny, winding streets of cobblestone, lined with wooden houses dating back to the late 17th century. The town itself is much older, but various invading armies from Denmark, Poland, Germany and Russia used to periodically raze the town until the treaty of Roskilde in 1658.

Another one from Marie ... she sent me so many lovely cards ... I really appreciate them all, Marie, thank you. This one is from Gryts Skargard. It is on the east coast of Sweden, and is an archipelago. Another amazing place.

A postcard of the Clock Face of St. stephens Tower. This world famous clock houses Big Ben, the name given to the "Great Bell". This card came from Chloe, whilst she was visiting London.

Angel, Jr. sent me this one from North Carolina. He said he thought I woul like it since it's different ... he was right ... I love it !!

I guess DaybyDay knows how much I love chocolate ... mmmm.

This one came from my parents, when they were in Queensland, Australia, in July 2006. It shows the Matthew Finders Lookout, at Dayman Point.

This is one of many I received from Marie, during her sailing travels last year. It is from Granna. Marie writes that it is a small town on the banks of the second largest lake in Sweden. Apparently, the main industry in Granna is making the lollies that are shown on the postcard. They are called polkagris, and taste like Christmas Candy Canes.

This postcard came from Debbie, and shows a lovely scene from Jamestown. In 1607 the Susan Constant, the Godspeed, and the Discovery sailed up the James River and the 104 men abourd chose this site for their colony. These full size replicas are moored at Jamestown Settlement.

I received this card from Dragonflyfilly, over at Flamingo's Hideaway. It is from Vancouver, in British Columbia. The text on the back of the card says it is the Vancouver skyline as seen from Stanley Park. Looks like a beautiful place ...